Why Us

Investors with my firm get these three commitments from me:
  • Your assets will be invested similarly to the way the vast majority of my and my family's assets are invested. When I make mistakes, they are likely to have a large financial impact on my personal finances.
  • If you are a qualified client, I will only collect fees during years where your portfolio makes money.
  • As long as the investor base remains relatively small, I will answer any financial questions you have, whether related to this firm or not.
I believe this set of offerings is very rare in the industry, and it stems from a different view of both my role and yours. The majority of my family's income comes from my investments, and not from fees. So, your and my financial fortunes will be highly aligned. In addition, the company's overhead is low, which means I am willing to take low or no fee income in down years because I think it will result in longer-term investment partners. And finally, I really love my job which means I'm quite happy to answer random financial questions from clients.

If you'd be interested in hearing more about investing with Shih Investments, email me and we will set up a meeting or a call.


Kai Shih